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Let Me Cast A Powerful Wiccan Spell For You

Wiccan spell casting is an ancient religous process that uses magical tools, objects, and words, in order to alter the energy around you, and in effect, change the outcome of your future. I have helped people find true love, stop straying husband's, or land their dream job.

(if you want to read more about Wicca, Paganism, magic/magick, and why spell casting works, please check out the FAQ.)

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Authentic Spell Work by Kyra

Each spell I cast is created specifically for you and your exact needs. The spells I list below are are just guidelines to show you what kind of things are possible. If you have any questions about what spell is best for your situation email me for a free consultation.

When you request a spell from me, I ask for a small donation. This covers the cost of the items I will use in the spell casting, as well as some fees involved with running this website. This will also take care of your karmic obligation to me for casting a spell for you.

To see the information I'll need from you in order to cast the spells, please scroll to the bottom of the spell list.

*****LOVE SPELLS*****

LOVE ME NOW SPELL - Do you want attention and love from someone specific? This spell will grows lasting love between you and the one you want.

- $133 donation -


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REUNITE US SPELL - Get back together with your ex. Even if you think all hope is gone, this spell will bring back your exgirlfriend or exboyfriend.Makes them realize they do love you, and desire to be with you again. Also can work in stopping divorces.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

BREAK UP SPELL - This will end relationships, and cause a couple to split up. The break up spell must be done before any love spells, if the one you desire is in a relationship.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

FIDELITY SPELL - Stop your lover from straying, and fix his/her wandering eye. Keeps them interested in you and only you.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

BINDING SPELL - This spell binds a lover to you completely and in all ways. This spell is not to be taken lightly! You must be extremely serious about wanting this. Be certain of your desires for your love before binding them to you.

- $500 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

COME TO ME - Do you want more attention from the person you are dating? This come to me spell till bring more attention, more phone calls, more texts, and more communication from the one you love.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

SOULMATE SPELL - Find your soulmate. Meet and be with your true love now.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

REKINDLE RELATIONSHIP - A spell for your relationship to be as loving/carring and passionate as it was in the past.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

"MARRY ME" COMMITMENT SPELL - Want to move in with your partner, get engaged, or get married? This spell gets a bigger commitment from him/her.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

SEX and PASSION SPELL- Need to spice up your sex life? Add this spell and you will enjoy extra passion and excitement.

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

IMPOTENCE SPELL - Keeps things "down". Your lover will be unable to have sex with anyone else but you. (works on both men and women.)

- $133 donation -


CashApp: $KMWorks

CUSTOM LOVE SPELL - Have a love need you don't see here? I can create a spell for any love situation. Covers one desire.

- $133 donation for most situations. *email me before requesting this


CashApp: $KMWorks


*****MONEY SPELLS*****

FAST CASH SPELL - If you have a bill you needed to pay yesterday, or you need a quick sum of money very fast, this spell is for you. - order this spell with a $133 donation



RICH LIFE SPELL - Do you dream of a life of luxury and riches? People who have ordered this spell have gone on to see what they refer to as 'money miracles'. This spell generally takes longer to work than the Fast Cast Spell, however the results endure longer, and are for much higher amounts of money. - order this spell with a $133 donation


BUSINESS SUCCESS SPELL - If you own your own business, or are thinking of starting one, order this spell now! Ensure your business success. - order this spell with a $133 donation


LUCKY LUCK SPELL - This Luck Spell is for gamblers, games of chance, and lottery. Perfect for before a trip to Vegas of Atlantic City. This spell also brings luck in other, unexpected ways. - order this spell with a $133 donation


THAT PERFECT JOB SPELL - Tell me everything you want in that 'perfect' job - salary, location, hours, descritpion - even if it doesn't exist now, you will certainly find it soon. - order this spell with a $133 donation



MONEY SPELL - Have a financial need you don't see here? I can work on other situations as well, just email me your specifics. Please note I can only do one desire per custom spell. - order this spell with a $133 donation



*****OTHER SPELLS*****

AURA CLEANSING - Clear negative energies or "bad vibes" from your aura. This is useful to do if you feel you have been under a lot of stress or tension, or around crying or arguing a lot for your situation. This will let the spell 'stick' to you better. This spell can be done on you, or on another, or on a household. - order this spell with a $133 donation


NEGATIVITY REMOVING SPELL - Similar to the Aura Cleansing spell, in that this is a 'cleansing' spell, but this spell is more for removing obstacles in spell work caused by negativity, and despair. Also works on removing the negativity from especially stubborn people. - order this spell with a $133 donation


FRIENDSHIP SPELL - Brings good friends and good times into your life. Reunite with long lost friends. - order this spell with a $111 donation


KARMA CALL SPELL - Has someone done you wrong? The Karmic Law states that whatever you do, will come back to you three times as strong. To enact this law on someone who has hurt or harmed you, order the Karma Call Spell. They will soon 'get theirs' but only if they really deserve it. Can not be used on innocent people - order this spell with a $133 donation


CURSE REMOVAL - Having some bad luck that you just can't explain? Does it feel like someone has 'put a curse on you? Don't laugh, it could be true! Protect your self, and rid your life of the curse now.- order this spell with a $133 donation


ONE REQUEST SPELL - Do you need spell work you don't see listed here? Don't worry, I can cast a spell for almost any situation you have! Email me for information. One desire per spell. - order this spell with a $133 donation


After requesting a spell, please email me with:

  1. your name and birthdate
  2. names of any other people involved in the spell
  3. birthdates of the other people (optional - only if this is known)
  4. a brief history of the situation
  5. a paragraph or two, in your own words, of the exact desired outcome of your spell casting.

When I recieve all of this information, I will contact you with the times and dates of your spell casting, as well as any other information you need to know. You will not need to do anything else, except sit back and know you have started an important step in changing your life for the better.

Please read the FAQ or email me if you have other questions.



"I can't wait to send you this mail. This morning I received a message from him,
I was so shocked that for a couple of minutes I just sat there starring at the phone and you know what he said...
he had a dream about me and just can't get me of his mind...I have this all owed to you.
Where can I sign up to tell everyone that doesn't believe in you to believe!!!
I don't know what to say and how to say are amazing!!!
" - D.W. New York, NY.

"I have gotten several readings from Kyra over the years. I am always surprised and pleased by her accuracy, and insight. I have recommended her to many friends." " - A.N. Atlanta, GA.

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Do you have questions about the spells or tarot readings?

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