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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here
you can email me and I can help you find the right spell for you.


Q. How long will it take for my spell to work?

A. It is very hard to tell exactly a spell will take effect.   Spell casting is not an exact science, it is an art.  Results are different for every person, and depend on the many variables in your situation and the people involved.  I can tell you that I have had clients see results within days, or even hours.  For others it might take a few months.  Spells manifest differently for everyone and sometimes, just when you are ready to give up, is when things start to happen!

Keep in mind that negative thinking during the spell casting time will often delay the results you, so keep your thoughts optimistic!


Q. Can you cast more than one spell at a time? Can I request more than one spell at a time?

A. Certainly! If you have multiple areas you want worked on, or a particularly tough or complex situation, it is fine to order more than one spell.  I may work on them all at once, or in the order and timing that best fits with your case


Q. I am working with other spells but haven't seen results. Is it still okay to get your spells?

A. That is fine. I can work on your case, even if you have had work done in the past, or are currently working with someone else.  I would recommend ordering one of my spells especially if you are not seeing results with the other spell workers.  My spells will work.


Q. Can I talk to you before I order/ after I order/ after my spell has been cast?  Other people do not always respond to my emails, and I want to make sure I hear back from you.

A. I always respond to each and every email that comes my way, as soon as I am able to.  You will hear from me PERSONALLY - I do not have an ‘assistant’ or ‘customer service staff’ like some other websites.  Because I  am answering these emails myself, and do not have an automated system set up to reply to them, it may take me up to a day or a day and a half to get to your email.  (I don’t sit in front of my computer all day - most of my time is spent casting your spells!)  But don’t worry, I will always get back to you!

If you have questions before you order, or want a tarot reading to get some further insight on your situation, please email me for information and my schedule.

After receiving your spell request, I will email you confirmation, and some additional information.  Remember -  I  am answering emails personally, and most of my time is spent casting spells, rather than emailing, so it may take me up to a day or a day and a half to get to your email.  Take this as a good sign - you are dealing with an actual human being, not just a hired ‘assistant’.

You will also hear from me again after your spell is cast.  I will not be able to respond to you while I am actually working on your spell, as this energy can conflict with the work I am doing on your behalf.

If for some reason you do not get any emails from me, please check your spam folder, or try writing to me from a different address.  I have had problems with some Earthlink, AOL, and Hotmail addresses at times.


Q. What is the spell process & how do I order?

A. First, you must choose which spell is right for your situation.  If you cannot decide by reading the descriptions on my website, please email me with your details, and I will work with you to select the best one.  

1 - Order your spell by credit or debit card by clicking the button next to the spell you want.
2 - I will then be notified of your order via E-mail.  I will email you back as soon as I can with a confirmation. 
3 - In the meantime, send me as much of the following information as soon as you can:

  • your name and birthdate
  • names of any other people involved in the spell
  • birthdates of the other people (optional - only if this is known)
  • a brief history of the situation
  • a paragraph or two, in your own words, of the exact desired outcome of your spell casting.

4 - I will select a date for your spell, and confirm this date with you.  My normal spells take 3 days to cast. Once I cast the spell, the energy will be on its way. 
5 - It is crucial that you think positively during the spell casting process to get the best outcome. Even though I am working on your behalf, your thoughts can also be very powerful.  Be cautious of your thoughts and actions during this time and try to be as optimistic about your outcome and the work as you can. 

Q. I have seen blogs and message board postings online that talk about certain spell casters being scams or frauds. How can I know for sure which statements are true, and which are fake?

A. In most cases, blogs and message board postings that bad-mouth businesses like psychics, witches, spell casters are put there by competitors. This is usually done by unethical people worried that effective spell casters (like myself!) will take away their business.  These people will fake negative reviews about their competitors, and will try to drive more business to their own sites.

And even major corporations like Target, Macy’s and Subway have negative reviews online, posted by people dissatisfied with their service, or products.  This doesn’t mean that Subway is trying to ‘scam’ you, it simply means that one person had a bad experience.  My advice is to go with your gut feeling about a person.  Ask yourself what kind of person you want to work with, and see if their website and emails reflect the type of person you trust.

Q. What kind of people do you help?

A. You’d be amazed by all the requests I’ve gotten from normal, everyday people, just like yourself.  I have helped people of all religions, races, genders, and sexual orientation.  I do not discriminate among anyone, or anyone’s desires.  Do not feel embarrassed to tell me your deepest desires, I will not pass judgment on what I hear.




"I can't wait to send you this mail. This morning I received a message from him,
I was so shocked that for a couple of minutes I just sat there starring at the phone and you know what he said...
he had a dream about me and just can't get me of his mind...I have this all owed to you.
Where can I sign up to tell everyone that doesn't believe in you to believe!!!
I don't know what to say and how to say are amazing!!!
" - D.W. New York, NY.

"I have gotten several readings from Kyra over the years. I am always surprised and pleased by her accuracy, and insight. I have recommended her to many friends." " - A.N. Atlanta, GA.

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